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URL: brownstonesdirect.com
Launched: November, 2001

Brownstonesdirect.com is a small real estate agency in Harlem. With the recent increasing interest in the Harlem market, they needed the functionality of larger corporate real estate firms and needed the provider of the functionality to be experienced in and able to make recommendations for all aspects of website hosting, domain registration and website usability.

A phased approach of functionality and design was planned out and the original site went live with a custom-designed database of properties and agents, dynamically generated listings and an easy to use web form interface allowing the agents to manage their own listings.

Special features included administrative users to manage agents and an approval process that requires all new or updated content to be previewed by an administrator before appearing live.

Looking forward to version 2 [shown here], the site will include a full search interface, administrators will define searchable neighborhoods, and users may opt-in to a weekly, tailored email of current listings.

Version 2 also provides several security enhancements, automatically generates reports for agents and managers, and improves usability based on the experiences of agents and users with the first release.

screenshot of rental detail page
screenshot of rentals page

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