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PCEC Pressroom

screenshot of PCEC Pressroom home page

URL: panasonic.com/consumer_electronics/pressroom/
Launched: January, 2002

The PCEC Pressroom is a complete content management system developed to allow contracted public relations agencies to directly update content on panasonic.com without knowledge of HTML, eliminating the need for an intermittent programming agency. Images, Audio and Video clips, and official press releases are available to download, and all content is dynamically generated.

The development team consisted of myself, another web developer, and a graphic designer. I acted as technical lead. The site was built using SQL Server, ASP, VBScript, and client-side JavaScript

A few special requirements for the site included:

  • Super-administrative privileges, providing a mechanism by which PR agents create content, but only authorized Panasonic employees can make it live
  • Individual administrative rights to configure document types and media types available for download. The Audio Clips and Video Clips sections, for example, may be used both with streaming formats and downloadable files.
  • META keywords and descriptions dynamically generated based on the content of the page for search engine robots
  • Pre-defined content "Expire" dates, especially useful for Events listings, which eliminate the need for manually removing items from the live site
  • A simple shopping cart mechanism to allow members of the press to order physical copies of media
  • Integration of the administrator site login with the existing Panasonic intranet and extranet protocols

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